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3ds Max Freezing Render

When opening the slate material editor, the window flashes in and out and is very annoying leaving the slate editor useless. If I connect two nodes together, it will dissapear for about 5 seconds then come back.

Hi @DMD_3D_Artist ,

I have never seen this behaviour or heard anyone mentioning it (apart from you now) and I cannot reproduce it. There is probably be an issue with either the Max installation or a plug-in conflict.

Here is a link to a recent developer build for Max 2021 based on the latest appleseed core.
You may try this one and see if it helps.

Thank you but Im running Max 2020. I see theres a build for Max 2020?

This build should work also with Max 2020 but I haven’t tested it. If you have troubles loading the plugin I can make a Max 2020 build.

Thanks, Ill try it. No it didnt even register it as a render option. It gets so bad recently that it will flash about 10 times in and out and then crashes Max.

I have a weird circumstance. Ive noticed that when I render now in 3ds Max that my Slate editor window will disappear and then come back after the render is done. So I think whats happening is that everytime it renders a preview material in the slate editor, its disappearing for that moment. I dont know what causes this.

Here is a Max 2020 dev-build. I could not test it on my system but it should register now.

Ive managed to eliminate the flickering, now everything renders black with an HDRI in the environment slot. Pulling my hair out now. The pink is incompatible materials, everything else is.

I don’t have any problems with IBL (see screenshot below).
Two things to check:

  1. Is Image-Based Lighting enabled in the Path Tracing settings?
  2. Is Background Alpha set to 1.0 in the Output Settings?

HDR lit scene setup:

image Everything is checked and now its freezing Max when render starts up at this point. Is there a problem with the appleseed version? I dont have Appleseed standalone installed. Its now not getting to that point either after installing the dev edition but I am getting an output window showing errors.
It wont let me upload here.

Please download the from above again which I updated and try. I reinstalled the older compiler version necessary for Max 2020, builds for Max 2021 uses a newer compiler.
I cannot test Max 2020 builds on my system, the Max 2021 version works without problems.

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Installed and rendered, it pulls up the frame buffer window, renders nothing and I get a long output script. Is there a way I can get it to you? Heres the first few lines of errors:

2020-12-12T16:10:04.058872Z <001> 10029 MB error | duplicate entity “disney_brdf”.
2020-12-12T16:10:04.060924Z <001> 10029 MB error | while binding inputs of bsdf “/scene/assembly/disney_brdf”: cannot bind “0.345098 0.345098 0.882353” to parameter “base_color”.
2020-12-12T16:10:04.062932Z <001> 10029 MB error | while binding inputs of bsdf “/scene/assembly/disney_brdf”: cannot bind “0.345098 0.345098 0.882353” to parameter “base_color”.
2020-12-12T16:10:04.064871Z <001> 10029 MB error | while binding inputs of bsdf “/scene/assembly/disney_brdf”: cannot bind “0.345098 0.564706 0.882353” to parameter “base_color”.
2020-12-12T16:10:04.066871Z <001> 10029 MB error | while binding inputs of bsdf “/scene/assembly/disney_brdf”: cannot bind “0.105882 0.694118 0.580392” to parameter “base_color”.
2020-12-12T16:10:04.068870Z <001> 10029 MB error | while binding inputs of bsdf “/scene/assembly/disney_brdf”: cannot bind “0.776471 0.882353 0.341176” to parameter “base_color”.
2020-12-12T16:10:04.070871Z <001> 10029 MB error | while binding inputs of bsdf “/scene/assembly/disney_brdf”: cannot bind “0.721569 0.607843 0.898039” to parameter “base_color”.

Well, all i did was just try to un-check “Use Max Procedural Maps” just now and Max crashed.

If this is an old scene it may be that you need to redo the material assignment.
appleseed had two implementations of the Disney’s principled BRDF model: a standard appleseed BRDF (“Disney BRDF”), and as a custom layered material (“Disney Material”). The Disney Material (not to be confused with the OSL based asDisneyMaterial shader) got removed some time ago.

You can load one of the appleseed demo scenes, Design Glasses, and test if it renders correctly. This is an old scene which uses appleseed-Max legacy materials but it should render fine.

Well, all i did was just try to un-check “Use Max Procedural Maps” just now and Max crashed.

Use Max Procedural Maps is not recommended for new scenes, it is just to keep compatibility with older scenes where Max own procedural maps were used. If it is enabled, scenes cannot be exported to an appleseed scene file. would not be able to render them as it does not have access to Max built in shader outside of Max.

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Great. Good idea! Ill try the demo scene. Thanks for diving in to my mess…lol Interesting thing is that it was rendering for a bit and decided not to but who knows what variables are in play.

Already rendering! My scene is quite large, how could I go about finding the offending material or is it just better to start over like you said with material assignments?

The quickest way is probably to use the material override (see screenshot below) in the Output section so all materials are overridden (exclude lights). If this renders fine then remove the old Disney materials and assign new OSL based ones e.g. asDisneyMaterial like in the screenshot.


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Thanks, I believe the Disney material was a test/curiosity as theres no need for me to use it.

I believe Ive got it working by importing objects from the old scene. One question though. Im getting a weird issue where the buckets are not progressing across the frame buffer. (pic 1) They sit in one spot until the render is done and then the render just pops into the frame buffer when its done. (pic 2) The scene is small enough now that I can send it over to you to see if it does the same thing?

This could be because you may have all of the cpus dedicated to the render task and Max has no processing power left for GUI updates. You can set Low Priority Mode for the render threads and limit the render threads to all - 1 or all -2 logical cpu-cores by setting CPU Cores different from 0 (which means all available cores). This leaves a core left for Windows background tasks and GUI updates.

If you have large textures, increase the Texture Cache Size to improve performance.

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That did it, thanks. It’s a bit slower probably because the image on the ground is 10k*10k. I see you’re using Embree. I’ll try that as well.

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