3ds Max Plugin Development


When following the link it is throwing up a 404 error page. A rather nice one, too.

This link gave the error: 3ds Max 2015 and 2016 (64-bit): appleseed-max2015-0.2.2-beta.zip


Woops, links fixed, sorry!

Will answer your other question tomorrow.

Happy birthday!


I did a test with the new Max Ray feature. Below are two renders with the first having Max Ray off and the second set at 8. I did three other renders set at 1, 2, 3, followed by 8 but didn’t include them here.

The most remarkable thing about the Max Ray setting, while noticeably cleaner with each pass, showed no significant increase in time. With MR set to OFF the render time per pass was 24 seconds. With settings at 1, 2, 3, and 8 the times per pass were approximately 28 seconds. There may have been, at most, one second difference, per pass, between 1 and 8.

It should be noted that my timing method wasn’t completely accurate but at most the time that I could be off between 1 and 8 would be one second.

Max Ray OFF (7 passes)

Max Ray = 8 (7 passes)


I’m assuming that by “Max Ray” you mean “Max Ray Intensity”? Indeed, it comes as no cost as it just clamps the contribution of secondary non-specular rays. Cheap, but reasonably efficient!


@makit3d Regarding the proxy geometry bug, any chance you could provide a test scene? Would that require my to have the plugin as well?

I’ll try to get multi/sub-objects materials to work shortly, stay tuned!


I don’t think you will need a license for it. The viewer is free while the trees themselves are part of a pack that must be purchased. Give me a bit of time and a scene with 1 tree will be emailed along with the viewer if that would help.

multi’s!? Yay, for (near) christmas presents!

BTW, what type of hit does using SSS have on a rendering?


A non-negligeable hit, but it really depends on the scene and the SSS material settings. The best is to give it a try!


Edit: this is a badly broken release, see below for the next working one.

I’ve just released version 0.2.3-beta of the Max plugin.

This release adds support for multi/sub-object materials.



There’s a bug in this new release, no matter what I do, the materials always renders pink.


Hm, that’s weird, let me check what’s going on.


There was indeed a problem with objects with multiple material IDs but with a single material applied to them. Somehow I missed this case during my pre-release tests (I render a number of non-trivial scenes).

I’ve made a new release that should fix the most obvious problems:

Could you give it a try and let me know how this works?


Everything seems to be working flawlessly concerning materials. Thank you, you are fast.


Awesome, thank you!


I’ve just released version 0.2.4-beta of the Max plugin.

This release fixes material support. It replaces the 0.2.3-beta release that was badly broken. No new features were added.



Yay!!! I just noticed this. I’ve spent all my free time modeling and unwrapping. Exciting, Franz, very exciting.


Rendering of Laubwerk trees, and more generally of objects produced by object plugins, is now fixed. Here is a quick render (with a single SSS material) of one of the free Laubwerk tree:

I will make a new release of appleseed-max with the fix shortly.


This is wonderful news!!


I’ve just released version 0.3.0-beta of the Max plugin.

This release fixes rendering of meshes produced by geometric object plugins. Thanks to Timm Dapper from Laubwerk for the help!



I’ve just released version 0.4.0-beta of the Max plugin.

This release adds support for most common image formats used in VFX.

From the OpenImageIO documentation: “[Support for] TIFF, JPEG/JFIF, OpenEXR, PNG, HDR/RGBE, ICO, BMP, Targa, JPEG-2000, RMan Zfile, FITS, DDS, Softimage PIC, PNM, DPX, Cineon, IFF, Field3D, Ptex, Photoshop PSD, Wavefront RLA, SGI, WebP, GIF, and a variety of “RAW” digital camera formats, and a variety of movie formats (readable as individual frames) […]”



Hy Franz,
i am testing 0.4.0 in max 2017. When i assign a disney material to an objekt and i only change the colour (defuse), i get a black rendert objekt. When i put a bitmaptexture in the defuse slot, the objekt will render fine. It is a bug or made i something wrong?