3ds Max Plugin Development


Will it be possible to get access to the bitmap options rollouts? The extra features added to the plugin are great but some of the bitmap options are almost essential (and sometimes necessary). Example: being able to offset an .HDR/.EXR image to change the light direction. Just being able to change the tiling would be helpful. The Output options are also something I use often.

Of course any standard or additional appleseed maps would be quite welcome.

Bitmap options:


Agreed, it’s definitely something that we need to support as soon as possible…


We’ve just released version 0.4.5-beta of the Max plugin.


  • Added environment map support.
  • Added Object Properties modifier to set appleseed properties on objects.
  • Added support for render regions.
  • Improved rendering of transparent materials in viewports.
  • Disabled color space conversions for displacement maps.
  • Fixed duplicated texture error.
  • Fixed occasional hang on startup.
  • Fixed appleseed material updates in Slate Material Editor.
  • Allow changing diffuse colors in multi/sub-object materials from color swatches.