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Adaptive Tile Sampler Locks up Max

When trying out the adaptive tile sampler, the render will lockup and I have to End Task on 3ds Max.

We had a bug which caused lockup in Max 2016 sometime ago and which had been fixed.

Can you give some information what Max version you are using? We can provide you then with a recent developer build (For Max 2018, 2019 or 2020).

Any bug report or suggestions are of course welcome. You can join us also on Discord and get instant feedback from the developers and access to the newest dev-builds:

Im using Max 2017.

For Max 2017 I don’t have a very recent dev-build but one slightly older from mid February.
I’m not 100% sure though if this build has the mentioned bug already fixed as the bug-fix was around that time the build was made.
Can you try with this one

That worked, thank you.

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