Alembic support


I have an alembic file which opens fine in maya/blender.
how do i get appleseed to understand it?

I am getting this:

could not determine the format of this file, or this format is unsupported:


Our Alembic support was primitive and, generally speaking, not good enough, so it’s been removed a while ago. It appears that our feature page is not up-to-date in that respect, I’ll update it now.

Our plan is to reimplement Alembic support now that we have the necessary infrastructure in place (namely, support for archive assemblies).

For now, I’m afraid you will need to use OBJ files for geometry import.

Sorry for the disappointment :confused:



Thanks for the quick response.
Alembic support is pretty important when it comes to a studio pipeline so its well worth doing I think.




It’s high on our list, like a lot of other features that are pretty important when it comes to production rendering (volume rendering comes to mind…)

We’re making good progress, with an increasing velocity in fact, but the task is daunting. You wouldn’t know developers fluent in C++ that would be willing to help, by any chance? Maybe yourself? :slight_smile:

We have a detailed list of projects we’re willing to mentor: