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Hi, an animation is just a sequence of individual frames. appleseed renders each frame individually and destroys the render context after each frame has finished. No information is passed on between frames. This may change in the future to allow optimization.

Unfortunately in you cannot render animations. For animations you have to use one of our render-plugins for the 3d applications.

I get that you need a download-able project but in the meantime here’s an animation made a while ago using appleseed:

Yes I have seen this, and I want to do my own short movie. Do you use blender to do this short movie?

I didn’t do that shortfilm, @Pistols and @franz did it, if I’m not mistaken, and also used a deprecated maya plugin. But you can use blender, max or maya.

That’s correct.

We did this short film with the ancestor of our current Maya plugin. At the time it was fully written in Python and despite being pretty sophisticated for the time, it was several orders of magnitude less powerful and complete than the current Maya plugin.

We also had a bunch of custom Python scripts that allowed us to export scenes from 3ds Max, import them into Maya and export them again to appleseed project files, and finally post-process them before rendering them. It was a bit mad but it worked.

For more details about the making of Fetch, check out this talk I did at FMX:

The first half is about appleseed but the second half is about the making of Fetch.