AOVs + DeepEXR


Hey guys,

New appleseed/blenderseed user here.

Just wondering if appleseed/blenderseed is planning to add these features in the future below:

  • Per Light AOVs ( similar to VrayLightSelect, diffuse & spec in 2 separate AOVs )

  • Diffuse Texture ( similar to VrayDiffuse Filter )

  • positionWorld, positionObject

  • normalsWorld, normalsObject

  • Shadow collector per light

  • MotionVector / Velocity

  • DeepEXR

  • Render visibility control ( for example, to separate background, shadow collector matte, foreground character in 3 separate render passes )



Hi @SWD,

Welcome to the forum and appleseed user community.
Thanks for the feature suggestions. Some of the points you raised were implemented in a new release of appleseed which will be officially available this weekend.

  • We provide now 18 AOV and additionally 22 diagnostic shading overrides (see screenshots below of AOV selectable from the Max plugin and shading overrides from the blender plugin)

  • We will have soon shadow catcher and holdout shader for compositing

  • Cryptomatte support is planned and our preference compared to DeepEXR

  • MotionVector AOV is also planned

  • We have not yet considered per light AOVs, but if there is demand they may be added

You are very welcome to discuss new features and workflow improvements. Feedback is appreciated.


Shading Overrides (tangents in this example):


To add: render layer support was never integrated into the 2.79 version but we’ll likely support them in 2.8 along with collection visibility.