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Appleseed archviz test vol 2. - Patio scene final - Some useful info on how not to make the mistakes I did

I consider this render done. I’ll skip on to some another scene. I assume it’s a too hard lighting scenario for appleseed with a lot of glass-water reflecting stuff. This image was rendered for 9 and a half hours. Hope you like it !! :smiley:


It’s a very nice one! Shame to still have all this noise… :frowning:

Very nice image. I’m happy to have a look at the scene and the settings if you send me the scene.

Sure I’ll send you a link to a dropbox folder with the packed blender file as soon as I get to it. I am interested in your solution/optimasition very much. Would be great thing if you would share a working Sppm setting for this Scene.

Hey @jarmaizsolt, don’t forget to post our findings for this scene, they could be useful to others.

Oh, yeah sure. So The major problem which caused the very long rendertime, is that I used diffuse BTDF on the diffuse surfaces with zero translucency. So it wasn’t traslucent after all, but this model is not the adequate for such a task, so use Lambertian instead! Thanks for Franz for solving this for me! :slight_smile: