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appleseed for Maya 2018 on Windows - Installation help

Need help step by step process of installing appleseed in maya 2018.

The installation steps are outlined step-by-step in the release page of the Maya plugin.
Scroll down to the Installation paragraph.

"Let Maya know where to find the plugin by choosing one of the following option"idont know how to do it, i dont understand step 2.sorry for being stupid,can you please walkme through installation process.

Ok, you can uncompress the appleseed-maya zip file an any place you wish but Maya does not know this.

  1. When you look into the uncompressed appleseed-maya folder you should have there a appleseed-maya.mod file (see screenshot). Take note of the location of this folder.

  2. Locate the Maya.env file (In this file you can set Maya environment variables).
    The usual location is C:\Users\your_user_name\Documents\maya\2018

  3. Open this Maya.env file with a text editor and add the file path to your appleseed-maya folder (from step 1) as shown here:
    MAYA_MODULE_PATH = C:\path_to_your_appleseed_maya_folder
    and save the file

  4. Start Maya and enable the plugin in the Plug-in Manager under Windows -> Settings/Preferences -> Plug-in Manager by activating the Loadedand Auto load checkboxes (see screenshot) of appleseedMaya.mll

Thank you very much Mango.