appleseed for Maya on macOS



i’m new to appleseed and i’m impressed! appleseed has some neat things even commercial renderers don’t have. i was thrilled to find the maya plugin but unfortunately there’s no osx version. sure, i could compile it myself but i’m somewhat scared of the dependency hell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so are there any plans to offer the maya plugin for osx at some point?


Hi @CuRZ4,
Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately the developers lack the resources to supply binary osx versions of appleseed for Maya.
To build the binaries one would need to have access to Maya under osx. The Maya version is the least used of all the appleseed dcc plugins. Added to that, the main developer of it, @est is also heavily involved with refactoring the Blender plugin to lay the foundations for viewport rendering within Blender.


alright thanks for the info. dependency hell it is :smile: