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appleseed-Gaffer: Rendering a scene fails to proceed after a certain camera transform exists [Solved]

I reported all the dirty details here:

But it has been three days and I haven’t heard a thing

Nobody has downloaded the appleseed scene I put here:

I really want to complete this render and editing the camera transform, wont fit with the input assets: Alembic Camera Plate HDR

The thing it renders with an emission shader over the entire frame range.

So I don’t know what is triggering the lockup.

I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot my way through this.


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Hi @samhodge,

Welcome to our forum!
I forwarded your bug-report to @est on Discord. He is the appleseed-Gaffer developer.

Some context. Now in summer is vacation time and we (a small team) are busy with the final stages of getting the next official appleseed release out.
appleseed-Gaffer is different from our other (Max, Maya, Blender) DCC-plugins in that it is integrated into Gaffer core and released by GafferHQ, and not us, according to their schedule.

While I certainly understand that you want to solve the issue as fast as possible I cannot speak for Esteban, when or if soon he will have time to delve into it.

My suggestion is that you join our Discord server where we have a dedicated #Gaffer channel and get realtime help and advice how best to proceed.

Sorry wrong hemisphere. It is slowly dragging itself out of winter into spring in Adelaide South Australia.

I don’t mean to be demanding.

I will jump on discord and meet the peeps

Thanks for the directions!

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Problem reproduced and diagnosed, please see my comment on GitHub: