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Appleseed material ball

I’ve been working on a material ball for the last few days. It was modeled using MoI3D and Blender. I just noticed the material ball scene in the alpha-22 release post, that’s hilarious timing :blush:

I’m more than happy to share my scene as well. I started it because I figured material ball scenes may have quite a bit more usefulness now that Disney material export and import is available, and material sharing may be much easier.

Very nice!

We’ll work on improving material import/export in the next releases to make it really easy to share materials and constitute material libraries.

By the way, what is Mol3d? All I can find is a molecular modeler…


Good work! Can I suggest to slightly turn the ball to be more face to the camera? Or decrease the size of the hole?

And last thing, I really love the little shape to see the effect of transparency over the depth:

Anyways, that’s a great primitive you did there! :slight_smile:

MoI3D is a nice tool for fast modeling (I neve rused it personnaly).

Nice, we’ll see how we can make our material tester more useful. The orientation of the camera is totally not definitive :slight_smile:

In the meantime here are a few renders:


PS: Ah, MoI (with a i), not Mol (with a L)!

Brushed metal:

More I see it, more I wonder if the appleseed sculpted logo is relevant.
I mean, it is very nice but I wonder if it doesn’t “break” the idea of the material ball which have simple eye predictible shapes.
I wonder if we wouldn’t have the Modo approach: A white texture with the logo and the millimetres pattern.
I don’t know, what do you think others?

You may very well be right. Where would you put the logo? Add it to the grid texture?

Not the ground grid texture but on the ball.

The map would look like this (rough):

EDIT: It’s just suggestion, maybe just the logo is enough and clean. I personally like the black lines because you can see how the material transparency behave.