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Battle against Сycles

I approved with the client the image made in the Cycle.
I want to offer the customer a result in Apple Seed for comparison.
The client is a photographer. And he has a peculiar vision of the object. This is a tape measure. Good luck. He rejects the beautiful (in my opinion) and accepts the simple.

Cycles do not fit, because I see what should be better.
Luxrender is not convenient because I need 60 images. And rendering can become eternal.
Based on yesterday’s very successful Apple Seed tests, I want to make a result of this.

But there is a problem - most likely I will need compositing. And it does not work in Linux Ubuntu Blender.

The project is due tomorrow.

As my great namesake said: “Let’s go!”

Here is the approved image in cycles:

coped with the relief. this is about the surface that is needed.

ah yes, I recently acquired SpeedFlow. For quick remodeling of models imported from CAD.
while i’m still slow. but hands are accelerating.

Looking good. Keen to see the appleseed render :slight_smile:

model ready

UV. What would the bump be on the same scale on different parts.

why the name of the material in these places does not match?

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How to find out what material is applied if everything is black?

lighting, it should be simple. then it will be beautiful.
this is where I start to like it. this is 1 simple HDRI

for a long time I was looking for why this chrome button is black on the edges.
hours 2 I lost.
Found the reason, by chance.
Is there more information than help?
What kind of parameters are not clear from one sentence. How to work with it?

On the right side - Cycles. Left apple :heart_eyes:

I have a suggestion to the developers.
Can I add gamma control to a texture download node?
This happens, you really need to adjust the brightness of the texture.

or add a node of curves …

Yes! Yes! Yes! Once again! This chrome is many times better than it was!

Customer first response

The asTexturenode has some basic color management functions. You have to set the switch Enable CMS(see screenshot )

@dez Looking forward to the results you’re getting with appleseed on this project!

As @Mango3 mentioned, asTexture has some controls but no explicit gamma curve.

Don’t we already have color correction nodes? Maybe @luis would know? If not we’ll consider adding them.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thank you, Mango3!
It is very convenient!
Now my texture looks true.

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Yes, some textures need to be clarified so that they immediately see the result of rendering.
It is very difficult to jump into the photo editor and back.
Gamma correction, color correction, curves. The main thing is to have a gentleman in the set.

What surprises me the most is how you guys still work without a blender-compositing? How? I can not imagine :slight_smile:

I would also like to see some image processing controls in the materials nodes. Tweaking inside of Blender, makes it so much quicker to work to your target look.

I can’t figure out how to work with textures.
They are not visible. Only in rendering.