Battle against Сycles


in my understanding, this cube should look pink. but not black.
Any material is displayed in black.
The same with the textures in the view mode, all objects are black.


Ah, you’re talking about the 3D viewport.

Coloring objects according to the material’s base or diffuse color is something we’re doing in the 3ds Max plugin, maybe we could do the same in Blender? Going beyond that by showing textures would be nice but I don’t know how much work this is.


Increase the lamp intensity to 75 or 100. The default is very low

edit: or you mean the viewport ‘material’ mode? That’s a trickier proposition. That involves transferring appleseed shaders into the GLSL shading system that the material view uses. That’s way above my coding skill level at this point.


Oh oh oh…
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which at least are in the English language


Yes, for that mode they wrote custom GLSL shaders that mimic the appearance of Cycles materials.

And as far as I know that system is not exposed to Python so we wouldn’t be able to access it anyway.

Unfortunately, render engine addons face some serious limitations when integrating into Blender. Thanks to Simon Wendsche we managed to cheat around the slow mesh export by using a backdoor into the raw data structures, but other systems don’t have the same tricks.


Would this change for the 2.8 release of Blender? It sounds like they have done a hell of a lot of re-architecturing the core code for the viewport.


No. 2.8 actually doesn’t have a ‘material’ mode at all. It has a ‘lookdev’ mode which uses Eevee.

Eevee shaders are also hard coded in C or C++


Ok, that is good to know. I guess that is why so many third party renderers have their own viewport.