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Beginner question: Placing textures

I’m sorry if this might be a very noobish question.
I’m trying to add texture to a scene.

I created Disney Materials and I’m now trying to add a texture file (jpg) to the base color.
(Of course) the texture is not correctly applied.
I’m assuming that since I chose the Disney Material Route, my only option is to use expressions.
I tried this expression:

$tilex = 5.0; # 0.000, 10.000
$tiley = 5.0; # 0.000, 10.000
texture("…/texture.jpg", $u * $tilex, $v * $tiley)

But I get an error stating

2019-11-12T17:44:19.240494Z <001>  6012 MB error   | expression error: Prep errors:
2019-11-12T17:44:19.240494Z <001>  6012 MB error   |   Line 3: No function named texture

What am I missing?
What would be a best practice in Appleseed?

Thank you!

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Hi @bax,

welcome to our Forum!
The easiest to add textures to a material would be with asTexture connected to one of our surface shader (asStandardSurface, asDisneyMaterial etc…) and using one of our plugins for Blender, Max or Maya. (See screenshot)

If you want to see how to use SeExpressions in appleseed.Studio with Disney material you can have a look at the Disney Material test scenes located in /sandbox/tests/test scenes/disney material and take a look at the documentation

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Hi @Mango3,
Thank you for your help!
Since I’m on a Mac, Blenderseed apparently isn’t an option for me.
I might go with Blender alone or try Gaffer (any thoughts on that?) if these solutions are more apporachable for me (part-time enthusiast / beginner).

Gaffer would be an option and definitely easier to use for scene building. appleseed.Studio is not suited for building a scene or substantive scene editing. It is a tool for scene inspection and debugging.
Unfortunately for macOS we don’t have a blenderseed plugin, though we have now a current appleseed for Maya plugin.

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I created my objects in FreeCAD. There doesn’t seem to be a possibility to get my objects into Gaffer (no fitting export options in FreeCAD, it seems), so I’ll check out Blender and hope for a Blenderseed for Mac release in the future.

For modelling Blender is a great tool when you don’t need CAD precision or workflow.
You can generate the objects in Blender and then export it in Alembic for use in Gaffer.

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Thanks, I will keep that in mind for the future!
Since I need CAD precision / workflow / parametric editing, I probably will stick with FreeCAD and see what options for rendering are available.
This time it therefore will be Blender, sadly without Blenderseed.

Unfortunately the free CAD programs around are not at a feature and usability level comparable to Blender (which can be a viable substitute for commercial media/entertainment focused 3d applications).
From my experience, even the lower end to mid-tier commercial CAD programs (Fusion 360, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge) are just leagues ahead.

As far as I know, there’s at least one “appleseed for FreeCAD” development effort going on. I’ll ask on Discord and report here.

FreeCAD offers quite some functions that Blender doesn’t (especially when it comes to parametric objects and assembling).

Yes there is, that’s how I got there. But FreeCAD doesn’t have any working texture implementation. That’s why I was hoping I could just do this in Appleseed Studio then.

But for now I will go the FreeCAD->.obj->Blender->Cycles route then.

True, Blender is definitely not a parametric CAD substitute. What I wanted to point out in my last post is that Blender is on par with commercial offerings for artistic targeted 3d content creation and is suitable even for professional work.
While in the CAD world there is unfortunately no such free high quality equivalent (to Blender) which could rival commercial CAD offerings in functionality and usability.

ah, I get it.
Yes, you’re absolutely right there!

Could you point me out to info about this appleseed plugin/integration for FreeCAD?

In any case, you technically can create materials and import textures in, it’s just not very user frie

And as someone totally new to 3D rendering that‘s where I was overwhelmed (how does UV Mapping work? Where to put my displacement maps? …).

The integration with povray, Cycles and Appleseed in FreeCAD currently is possible through the Render Workbench:
It‘s also being discussed in the FreeCAD forum.

Here’s an appleseed project file with two textures:

  • One is plugged into a Disney material via an SeExpr expression, which is simply texture("red_oak_honey.png", $u, $v)

  • One is plugged directly into one of the BSDF (meaning it’s using the built-in, generic shading system that uses neither OSL nor SeExpr). (4.2 MB)