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Beta14 crash while rendering

Attached is a scene that loads and begins interactive rendering, then crashes a few minutes in. I tried it on another computer with the same result. It’s puzzling because I have much more complex scenes using the same appleseed features that will render for many hours with no problems.

edit: I realized after posting this that it contains a reference to a non-existent file, but it renders anyway because the disney material seems to treat this as like a null material assignment. btw, there’s a suggestion for a helpful change, it would be nice if the disney material issued an error or warning for missing files like the other appleseed materials. I have rendered a version that has the missing files available, and it crashes. I am rendering a version right now that looks like it is not crashing, where the specular and roughness textures have been replaced with numeric values. I suspect the crash is related to the handling of specularity in the disney material. The file I have rendering now, still going with no crash, has specularity on the disney material set to 0.

I suspect the problem may be in using a specular texture in the disney material. As I’m thinking about it, I believe I have been using numeric literals for disney spec in my previous renders, and I’ve been experiencing the crashes only in scenes that use an image file for spec. I’ll do some more tests and keep you posted.

Wally (5.1 MB)

That’s curious, we’ll investigate. Thanks!

I cannot reproduce the crash with a development build of appleseed. Here is the render I’m getting, 5 minutes in (with a debug build):

I’ll let it render a while longer to see if the crash finally occurs.

It is true that files referenced by SeExpr expressions will not generate errors if they’re missing. This has been a known problem for a while. We recently put in place the infrastructure required to fix this issue so it should soon be fixed.

I can actually reproduce the crash with an optimized build of the latest development version. I’ll investigate and report back here.

Just to report that we found and fixed the crash. The fix will be available in the next version of appleseed.

You were correct in that the root cause of the problem was a texture file referenced by a Disney material could not be found on disk. The crash was caused by the accumulation of error messages (of the form “texture file X could not be opened”) into an internal buffer until the buffer overflowed (it asserted in debug but crashed in release).

These error messages are now properly displayed so you will get notified when a texture file is missing.

Thanks for the bug report.

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