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Blender 2.80: All materials appear black

5th sep Release candidate builds of appleseed for Blender 2.0.0-beta build.
intel i3.
HD 5450.
win 10.

i tried every single material none works

That is because you use a Cycles output node which is not supported by appleseed.
Instead of the Cycles Material Outputnode you have to use the asClosure2Surface output node (see screenshot)


Thank you and Why that is not enabled by default ?

As far as I know that is a Blender issue. Our blenderseed developer @Jonathan_Dent can tell you more about it and why the Cycles nodes are not hidden when switching to appleseed.

Hi. Nodes in Blender have the ability to poll which render engine is active and then decide whether or not they will appear in the menu. Some of the Cycles nodes do conduct polls to make sure Cycles/Eevee is selected, but many others do not. Those are the ones that show up. A Blender dev has expressed the intention to add polling to these nodes so they won’t appear in other renderers, but it hasn’t happened yet. We used to use a custom node tree but in 2.8 that caused updating issues during interactive rendering so I switched things over to the built in material node system.


Still object appear black in viewport render.

After you change materials or connect a wire between shader switch the viewport shading mode shortly to Solid and then back to Rendered so the renderer gets notified about the the changes in the scene (see screenshot).
For the details why this does not happen automatically I refer you to @Jonathan_Dent


i did that it’s not working.

I don’t have problems with our release build and Blender 2.81-alpha.

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I’m not seeing any light source in the scene. Is there an HDRI?

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I’m removing the [Solved] tag until we have figured out the issue :slight_smile:

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i try latest blenderseed 2.0.0 beta Blender crashes while selecting appleseed related did’nt crash for principle shader.

Can you state exactly which Blender version did you use and what the error message (if any) said.
Did you get a “Error Access Violation” ?
Some user reported this error when using latest Blender 2.81 builds. It affects also LuxCore and is not appleseed specific.

sep 15 build and no error just boom crash.

Blender had a bug in it’s code for displaying custom nodes. The issue has been fixed on their end and everything works again.

Material preview works fine but viewport haveing same problem (Blender 2.81 sep 18) build

If you can provide the .blend file that would be helpful.

If the material preview is working then there’s nothing wrong with the material system. I suspect that the object is black because the lighting is non existent or not properly set up. That’s why I’m asking for the file.

There was no light source visible in Blenders Outliner (Screenshot). Without Mesh light or Environment light, there wont be any light source.

That was my last answer I canceled … not sure how Appleseed LookDev deals with a scene without lights.

Doesnt Appleseed / LookDev have it its own lighting setup?