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Blender: Having plane not receive light, only reflections

I stumpled upon this awesome engine as I want caustics in a scene I made. However for compositing I would like to have a plane that does not receive direct light rays but only bounced ones

The image above is what I got so far. I would like the grey plane to be completely black except for the light caused by caustics. How can this be done in blender? :slight_smile:

I figured it out, there is a section called “Visibility” under the “Object” tab. Here “Light” can be disabled :smiley:

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Hi @hammy,

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For complicated caustics you best use Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping (SPPM) as the lighting engine.
Apart from the ray-type visibility settings for objects appleseed has render layers (AOVs) for indirect diffuse and indirect glossy contributions (see screenshot)


Do render layers work with SPPM?

Yes, AOV work with SPPM.
Screenshot of a quick low-res (20 samples) SPPM render showing the Indirect Glossy render layer.

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I wasn’t sure, that’s good to know, thanks @Mango3.

Something looks wrong with that teapot :slight_smile: