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Blender plugin won't work

I have downloaded Blender 2.78a and appleseed and blenderseed plugin. But when I go to users preferences to abilitate the plugin it shows a error screen as follows attached. Anyone can give a hint of what is going on?



Hi Tom,

Thanks for trying appleseed.

Unfortunately, our Blender addon is outdated and not under active development.
We’d very much like to have a quality Blender addon but we don’t have the resources
to write it at the moment or in the near future.

I haven’t seen this error before, but also didn’t try blenderseed in some months, so maybe this could be a change required by some recent Blender update?


Looking at the error, it seem to be related to the fact that the plugin doesn’t found the dll…
You may try to add the appleseed folder to the PYTHONPATH env. varaiable…
You also may have to register the appleseed dll with the command:
regsvr32 appleseed.dll