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Blender Shaderball file

I’m making the default shaderball file for blender. I’m getting closer. This is really a good project to learn a lot of details about Appleseed/blenderseed.

I’m getting closer. I have some camera settings to figure out still and I want to mimic the exact settings including position as closely as possible to the provided shaderball.appleseed Studio file.

The biggest thing at the moment is I have the test_mat set properly; more specifically the mat color. The lights look to be set properly but the surface of the shaderball is not the same darkness. In Studio I can change it from what’s listed at 50/50/50 to 10/10/10 and it’s almost exactly the same color as the reference scene.

This should not be happening from what I can tell. The color and light info is the same as in the reference file. Here’s a screenshot with the render results with the same numbers. Any ideas?


Here’s a screenshot of my blender workspace with the test_mat properties panel. Notice the swatch and preview look good and like the proper color.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the lights and its properties panel.

Okies, reduced the color of the test_mat from eyeballing it, did that for cam alignment also. Changed sensor to 24 from 32, double checked everything and it looks the same as reference shaderball.appleseed file. DoF looks a little off cuz background top is not fuzzy and lighting is still a bit off per the reflections…8 core/3GHz for about 10 min…maybe longer will give better reflections…

Reference image from wiki:

Now that they are top/bottom, looks like my lens distortion is off also…and a couple other minor things. I may do a couple more things then I’ll post it on for peeps to play with. Probably in the morning…

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I’ll be working on the shaderball learning project again this weekend. I wonder if there’s a way to get the camera data from Max or Maya so I can set blender’s scene exactly the same? What do you guys think?

I know the shaderball scene itself is not really a reference scene but I’m having fun playing with it like it is. If I had the positioning data I could make it the exact same. The shaderball.appleseed file has the data in matrix transforms format not UI coordinate format.

I still don’t know why my color turned out too light and I had to manually darken its value compared to the appleseed scene. I’ll post the blend file this weekend so peeps can take a look. Maybe I did something wrong or missed something. I would think the exact same color/shader and light settings in the two scenes would make it closer in color.

I’ve been having fun being distracted by GH’s glass scene but I’m still eager to do the shaderball FM style! Fracture ON!

Feedback and comments are welcome.

Did you try loading the Max scene to peek at the camera’s position and orientation?

For colors, one thing to watch for is the color space in which colors are expressed. If you pick them in a color picker, they would typically be in sRGB, which you would need to indicate to appleseed so that i can linearize them before rendering.

I don’t have easy access to Max or Maya for this so I can’t check it.

Good idea on the color space. I’ve double checked it but I assume I missed something. I’m going to play with it some more today and then post the blend file to see if anyone has any direct feedback on all the settings.

The one good thing about having troubles is troublshooting teaches you a lot, lol…

That is looking good so far. would the developers be able to give you the info on the model, camera and light data, etc?

It would be really cool to have the exact same scene for different software environments to do comparitive tests.

I’ll try to give all camera details this week-end.

Ya, at this point I agree with you. It’s only a shaderball but it does work good as a reference scene. The detailed reason for me to have it uniform among all versions is the reflections will match. That is bugging me at this point that slight camera differences are making major lighting reflection differences.

@Franz if you snag the exact details I’ll format them and other info to go into a readme so peeps have the data to reconstruct the scene for any DCC app. I already have most of the shader and lighting info.

Thanks for the help and feedback. : )

is there a result?
I want to have this scene for creating materials.
I could start collecting my materials. To create them and miniatures, it would be nice to have such a scene.