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blenderseed 1.0.0-beta issues on Ubuntu

I understand, I copied it.
but it did not work for some reason.

Can you try again with this one (unzip first): (538 Bytes)
I tested it under Fedora and latest blenderseed for Linux. You can find the shader then in the node editor under Add -> Color -> asGamma

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@Mango3 What’s the difference between this new as_gamma.oso file and the previous one?

The old Gamma was located in “Uncategorized”. A new one in “Color”.
Probably for this reason, I could not use it from the first time. Suddenly, he is in the right place :slight_smile:

I hasten to please everyone! Earned! fine!

The metadata strings. Now it is placed into the Color Utility Shader category and just to be sure I compiled it to .oso with oslc under Linux (should not make any difference though)

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The node category shouldn’t have any impact on whether the node works or not.

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