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Blenderseed HDRI environment lighting crash when assigning .hdr or .tx image [Solved]

Hi Appleseed team,

I’m using Blender 2.90.1 on Windows 7, 64 bits. I’m using latest Blenderseed plug-in. I have to warn that I’m new in both Blender and Appleseed.

The following procedure crashes with my configuration:

  • Launch blender and keep the default new project scene with the camera, the light and the cube. Select Appleseed as the render engine.
  • Click on shader and configure gradient for environment; choose blue for zenith color. Create a material for your cube (here a yellow based metal like gold); but you don’t have to to reproduce the crash.
    You should obtain a view like that when choosing camera view:

Then click on the combo “type” for the environment and change ‘Gradient’ to ‘HDRI Environment’
Open a file; I tried .hdr and .tx files. Blender app just vanish.

Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks for your support!

Hi @LeSep,

I followed your description with Blender 2.90 and a dev-build of blenderseed but could not replicate the bug you encountered with any type of hdr (screenshot below).

Can you try with this blenderseed-dev version:

Hi @Mango3,

Thanks for the link, it works!
However I had to uninstall the original plug-in by remove the blenderseed installation files manually.
Obviously the default I encoutered were fixed between end 2019 and August 2020…

Do you know when an official release is planned?
Thanks again.

I cannot say, in the near future most likely not. Best you join our Discord server where you have access to all dev-builds and discussions among users and developers and can follow the development.