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Blenderseed Leaf material


Need help creating leaf material,can anyone post some node setup for leaf material.


Sure, what software are you working on?

A asStandardsurface should be enough to create the leaf material you are after.


At asstanderdsurface shader where to connect alpha map??


In blenderseed you have 2 options to apply alpha maps:

  • opacity maps can be applied per object in the Object Alpha section of the object properties tab.
  • alpha maps can be applied to the Transparency Color input of the asStandardSurface material per material.

Here is a nodes setup in appleseed-Max for a leaf material which uses the asStandardSurface and the resulting render (free model from VizPeople).


Hi, how did you go about the newly rendered leaf you posted on discord?


I replaced the previous node setup and render image with the improved version.


Thanks, looks very realistic!