Built-In Object Models



I’m looking into creating a plugin for SketchUp and was looking at the documentation under Built in Entities on the wiki. I noticed there isn’t a section for Object Models. Currently, what object models does Appleseed support?



Hey Josh,

The documentation is very sparse at the moment, sorry for that. The supported object models are the following:

  • mesh_object: a classic triangle mesh, with vertices, vertex normals, vertex tangents, UVs and per-face material IDs.

  • curve_object: curves made of piecewise degree-1 or degree-3 Bézier segments and rendered as camera-facing ribbons (for hair and fur).

As far as SketchUp is concerned, I guess you would mostly be interested in the first model.

Here are a few places where you can see how appleseed’s API is used:

Let us know if this gets you started or if you need more info / guidance.