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Camera film setup?

I have problems setting the camera film width/height and so on.

As the name says, “Width” and “Height” should mean the render resolution, right?

So I tried 1024 and 768, and nothing shows

and I do not understand the meaning of “File dimension”, I tried different numbers and I know this is related to horizontal and vertical stretch ratio, but why this number?

And i changed it to “2 1”:

again, nothings show…

So Please tell me how to set these parameters, for example, I want to the file resolution be 2000 * 1000

The question you asked needs a bit explanation.
Film Width and Film Height are the dimensions (in meters) of the virtual camera backplate mimicking a real-world camera. This together with the focal length determines the image magnification and aspect ratio.
The resolution of the rendered image is independently set as an output parameter of the beauty frame (see screenshot).

appleseed supports various camera models (orthographic, pin-hole, spherical, stereo and physical) and the camera parameters depend on the selected type.

Here is more information on basic camera parameters:

For production renderer camera models can get really extensive with many options to adjust (frustrum controls, film offset, overscan, camera shake, DOF controls, masks, shutter angle, etc…) An example of it are the Maya camera attributes (appleseed-Maya supports a sub-set of it):

Thanks, got it . I mean to ask your about appleseed’s denoiser

and Now I can find this denoiser setup position:

We have an integrated denoiser Bayesian Collaborative Denoiser which can be switched on in studio as you showed. Then you will find the denoiser controls exposed:

Switching to Write Outputs will generate the necessary render passes (AOVs) for denoising with the included external tool denoiser.exe

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