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Can't run appleseed 1.5.0-beta on Windows 7 [SOLVED]

Hi @undertowe, thanks for the report, it’s helpful to know that it happens on other machines running Windows 7. Still haven’t got our hands on a Windows 7 box but we’re investigating.

Keeping you guys posted here.

I’ve got my hands on a Windows 7 machine and can reproduce the problem. Stay tuned.

Thanks, franz. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Looking forward to playing with appleseed!

Hi @undertowe, I’ll take on your offer to help if you don’t mind!

Could you download the excellent Dependency Walker (make sure to download the x64 version), then open appleseed.dll and report here which DLLs are missing, if any? Could you then repeat the operation with appleseed.shared.dll?

@undertowe Never mind, I was actually able to confirm that dependencies are 100% the same with the previous release of appleseed that happens to work just fine on Windows 7. We are investigating

From the discussion it sounds like a tricky issue. I’d offer to help, but my background is mostly in web dev, not desktop apps, so I probably wouldn’t be very useful :slight_smile:

No worries @undertowe, we’re on it, several people have offered their help. It’s a very tricky issue indeed… While we haven’t found the root cause of the bug, we have a relatively easy way out and should be able to make an appleseed build that will work on Windows 7.

Could you guys give a shot to this new release?

Feedback appreciated!


I also wasn’t able to run v.1.5.0 on Win 7 x64. But this one works perfectly. Thank you.


Great, good to hear!

I can confirm as well on my work station that the new beta runs as intended! Thank you.