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Carrara 3D + appleseed?


I discover your excellent rendering engine with the excellent Blender. I am a graphic designer and professional trainer and I particularly like the carrara software bought and abandoned by Daz3D.

It remains a very good software of creation but its rendering engine begins to appear slow compared to its current competitors. Can an AppleSeed version be considered for this software?

I think it will give him a boost of popularity because he really deserves it considering its value for money!
best regard

olivier turbet / createo


Hi Olivier,

Thanks for your kind words!

We’re not considering writing any additional plugins ourselves at this point. Our hands are already more than full with our 3ds Max (2016-2019), Maya (2017-2019) and Blender (2.79, 2.80) plugins.

However we will fully support and help any individual or team willing to embark on writing a new plugin.


hello, thanks for your quick reply.
I really appreciate the help you promise to developers! Not being a developer I will forward your message :wink:
With the sketchup community, there can be openings too.
See you soon. thanks and good luck


I used to use Carrara back in the day. It has some nice features indeed.