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Conveyor (comparison between LuxCoreRender and appleseed)

This is my first render in Appleseed.
I have not yet learned to use it.
But I have half a year experience in Luxrender.
This scene was originally created in Luxrender.
In Appleseed, I just replaced the materials.
I tried to set the same material parameters.
The lighting is the same, I have not changed anything

System: Pop! os, Laptop CPU i5 7th Gen + GTX 1050
Render size 4320 x 2430 px/
Render time: Lux 3h, OpenCL CPU+GPU / Appleseed 30 min Path Tracer CPU
Memory used: Lux 4Gb / Appleseed 800 Mb
When starting the Luxrender IO HDD 20-65 Mb/sek blocking the entire system for ~5-10 minutes
When starting the Appleseed the system responds, I was free to work in another window. The launch was very fast.
When rendering a Luxrander, the system is occupied by a 50% processor, the GPU is 75%, but powerful swapping (IO HDD 5-10 Mb/sek) makes the system sluggish.
Rendering cycles (2.79.6) take away my system. 100% CPU and 100% GPU. And I can not work in parallel.
Render Appleseed I did not even notice.

I am very pleasantly surprised by the result!
I’m shocked! I am amazed! I am inspired!
Hooray! Hooray!

Of course, there are flaws in the render. But I do not know how to customize. This is the first result. First job.


HI @dez,

Thanks a lot for the render engine comparison of an industrial product visualization.
Some comments which may help:

  • From the specs I see that your graphics card is a GTX 1050, which is a rather low-end one and has only 2GB of video-ram (the memory on the gpu card itself). That means GPU- rendering won’t be much faster or even slower than cpu, especially when the scene is larger than the vram is (like for Lux where your scene used 4Gb, the swapping is an indication) In your case I would just use cpu only rendering in LuxCore and Cycles. Of course, newer video cards have more vram, with high-end ones up to 24Gb, but this is one of the limitations of gpu-rendering. Render speed drops markedly if the scene does not fit into the available vram.

  • Another tip. You can limit the number of cpu-threads used by appleseed, Cycles, LuxCore so your system remains responsive while rendering (see screenshot below for Cycles)
    Note, appleseed uses by default all available logical cpu cores, if not manually overridden.


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I know about all these settings. How to disable CPU cores, etc. But this does not help in the case when Luxrender is Tile Path + Denoiser.

It looks so great! what’s the appleseed render? the bottom one?

Yes, the bottom render is appleseed.
Then I added a glossy metal and changed it to GGX, and it was almost impossible to distinguish it from LuxCore render.

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