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Crashes in texture cache with custom build [Solved]

Test Environment:

  1. x64 Release win10
  2. official beta2.0.0

Test Scene:

the result is strange, for beta2.0.0, it will always crash when i press “F6” or “F5” for render , but it can be loaded successfully.

but for my own build x64, the result is not the same each time!! it will encounter 1 of the following 3 results:
1.successfully finish rendering without any error
2. get crashed in "unload’ function in cache.h as following :

3. get crashed in “cleanup” function in qscopedpointer.h as following show:

indeed not only this scene, many other scenes get similar result. I think maybe your “cleanup” or “unload” function has some problems.

I have got the position of the error:

When the result of variable “success” is false, there will be errors

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It appears that your build is not up-to-date and is lacking some recent fixes. THe crash in the cache’s clear() method was fixed about three weeks ago (it’s this commit).

As for crashes with appleseed 2.0.0-beta, keep in mind that you are using recent test scenes with an older binary. That certainly shouldn’t crash, but we don’t make any compatibility guarantees in this direction (“forward compatibility”).

Ok I will pull the latest master branch of your github :slight_smile: :

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