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Depth of field - Maya

Hi again,

Is there a way to render in Maya taking into account the depth of field of the camera ? I saw that in the studio we can do that with the Thin Lens model of camera.

However in Maya the depth of field is not rendered, and the exportation as a project automatically sets the camera model as Pinhole.

Thank you in advance,

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Your observation is correct. The official release version of appleseed-Maya does not support DOF.

We have recently implemented a physical camera which supports depth of field and also support for the orthographic camera. If you are using Maya under Windows we could provide you with a developer-build with DOF capabilities enabled.

It is part of feature-set additions which will become available in the upcoming release of appleseed for Maya.

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Oh great ! Yes I would be very interested in the developer build if you can send it to me, I am using Windows.

Thank you very much,

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Hi Laurent,

Here is the link to the binary for appleseed-Maya 2019 Windows. It is compiled from the current GitHub master sources and considered alpha-status.!EBQGzSaJ!2KX_OhVAFGWw4RzIFe7OQpOUHRnurTyNtQhcflXALUc

We are grateful for all testing. Our Maya plugin is the least used one among the dcc-application plugins we support.