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Disney material and hair

Hey guys, this is a scene I’ve been kicking around for a bit that I’ve been using to test making maps for the Disney material and exporting hairs.

bonus alt angle and lighting

Very nice!! :smiley: love the lighting and the stone material is great!

Well thats annoyingly nice :slight_smile: the fur looks amazing

Wow! I love the second one! O_O

The subtle fur is amazing!

Is it me or the first image colors are kind of “flat”?


Can you provide more details about the fur, where you used it, how many curves, rendering performance, etc.?

“Can you provide more details about the fur, where you used it, how many curves, rendering performance, etc.?”

Sure, though this was a very unoptimised scene. There are 3 hair systems in the scene, the hair, cloak and the jumper, with just over 500,000 hairs overall, most of which are very fine hairs on the cloak which I was trying as kind of an experiment. They were all fuzzy single hairs, I didn’t do any curve chaining in this one.

The hairs were definitely not a bottleneck in this scene, the frame took about 8 hours at 1440x2560 and 1200 samples, the majority of that was needed to resolve the REALLY heavy depth of field I used. I also used a lot of 4k textures, at least one of which I just found out wasn’t tiled, which probably didn’t help, but as I was leaving it on overnight I wasn’t too concerned.

I’m running a render with a pinhole camera, the textures turned off and a reasonable amount of samples, it’s still going but it looks like it’s going to be done in < 1 hour.

The long load time of all the textures did make iterating the scene a bit of a pain though, would it be silly to have a ‘disable textures’ or ‘use default material’ button for more interactive camera placement / environment light adjustment?

Is it me or the first image colors are kind of “flat”?

Yeah I kinda rushed the grade because I was excited that it had rendered. I agree, though the image itself is very flat by design, I tend to use very long lenses. The fuzz on the jumper is also a bit crunchy looking, I’ve had it looking better before, might be a material issue or a curve width thing, either way it could do with a second pass.

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Thanks for the info, very interesting.

Non-tiled textures are a problem if all textures don’t fit at once in memory, otherwise I’d guess they’re fine.

It would have been interesting to check out the render logs to see if there was anything that could be improved (like the texture caching settings). Maybe they should be automatically saved somewhere…

Absolutely. Not only should there be a way to use a default material everywhere (except for light-emitting materials), but whatever we do with textures shouldn’t be made again and again when starting/stopping interactive rendering.

One last thing: It might be beneficial to render in final mode (possibly with multiple passes if you want the render to refine continuously until interrupted) instead of interactive mode as the render process is more cache-coherent, which could make a difference with large scenes and/or large textures.

Does appleseed log any warning if he get a such texture? It’s a bad practice IHMO to render without mipmaped tiled texture. A warning could “train” user to provide appropriate datas to the renderer.

I suggest appleseed log a warning if the texture is not tiled and if the texture is not mipmaped.

Notice you should not mipmap displacement textures, only tiles are requiere. A warning could be log if a texture is used in displacement and have mipmap to say appleseed will not use them (I know appleseed does not have displacement yet, it’s just to get the idea).

About normal map mip mapping, there is some efficient mipmaping filters to use to keep nice tangents.

Yeah Max (or anyone doing any advanced images): appleseed has a strong log system don’t hesitate to post the log to help peoples to track what is efficient and what is not. :slight_smile:

Yes it does!