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Disney Material teapot wars


I have a bit of advantage right now, because there are no public builds with the editor yet :smile:

My entries:

Iridiscent-like cloudy teapot:

car-flames teapot:


Ok, here’s mine then:

The car-flames teapot would be even better if the fire would create light! :smiley:

Need more time to play but here goes, would be mega cool to have, $P & $N as well :slight_smile:


Taking note about $P and $N.

Technically, it’s possible to add $P and $N.
But there are some workflow issues with that:

  • There are a number of possibilities for $P: world space, object space, reference geometry, …

  • Baking is more complex. We could use ptex, but there are things missing in appleseed, more workflow issues (topology changes) and does not work well when sharing a single texture cache between threads.

In the end, we decided to keep the scope of the project small for now.


Is there a way to get inspired by how “VEX” work?

VEX Globals
VEX Functions
VEX ow_space()

With that you could choose to transform $P to what ever you want.

I’m just curious.