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First off all, i love this rendering engine. I found it a few days ago, and i have been obsessing ever since, wanting to get to know all the things i can. Its really fun. Looking back at some earlier releases, i found mention of the procedural objects! I almost exploded inside.

I would love to try the Mandelbulb object, but i am not sure how to do it. I am using the 1.8.1 beta version, and the windows 64 bit build. I haven’t build it from source, just unpacked the portable version.

When i try to open the distancefield file from samples, i get errors that look like this:

51 MB error | while defining object “object”: invalid model “distance_field_object”.
51 MB error | while defining object “plane”: invalid model “infinite_plane_object”.

I tried searching for what i could do to make it work, and it seems like something related something with search paths that aren’t set correctly for me, and im sure i could fix it if i was smart enough to build it from source, or set the python path, or something like that. In reality, nothing i have done has worked, but i don’t think it is anything worth mentioning since i just threw all kinds of things at the file, and made some changes to the file that just gave me further errors.

In reality, i would just like to render these beautiful mandelbulbs. It would be extra awesome if there was a way to put one of them in one of my scenes, but im not sure if it is possible to reference to the mandelbulb file somewhere in blender. Fractals are something i cant get enough of, but being able to render them with appleseed would be fantastic. I have never had much luck exporting these humongously dense meshes from other programs, without blender having a heart attack, or the object not being very satisfying to look at because it could use a few more polygons.

I am just a hobbyist, and i mostly just render pretty spheres, model simple things, and have fun with texturing, shading and image based lighting… Perhaps one of you can point me in the right direction!

Best regards, Mark

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the kind words!

The Mandelbulb procedural object is one of the C++ samples provided with appleseed. These samples illustrate how to use appleseed’s C++ API to define new object shapes and other kinds of entities. The samples are provided in source code form, and they need to be compiled before they can be used.

We’ve added detailed compilation and usage instructions for the next release of appleseed (1.9.0-beta), due very soon. Until the release is officially out, you can find them on GitHub:

Now, if you want to have fun with that Mandelbulb scene without compiling anything yourself, you can download a preview of appleseed 1.9.0-beta here:

and this package containing prebuilt plugins and ready-to-render test scenes: (215.6 KB)

Finally, you should definitely join the party on Discord:

A huge thank you from me, i can’t wait to get started! I tried compiling the 1.9.0 beta, but i have never compiled anything on windows before so i ran into some problems. The guide is appreciated, i will take a look and see if i can figure it out someday, but first i will try the 1.9.0 sample build.

I really appreciate it, and awesome that there is an appleseed discord. If i can manage to make a pretty scene, i will surely post it!

Good luck to you all

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