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Editing colors of alpha/08 test scene crashes [Solved]

I open the box scene, but when I click the “gray” or “light_exitance” under Colors tab, the program crashed

Can you give more details which scene you use. This is not the built-in Cornell Box scene.

That looks like one of the scene from the test suite, possibly alpha/08.

I can actually reproduce the crash with that scene. I’ll fix the problem now.

Thanks @shengfu_zhai for the bug report! :heart:

sorry for the unclear report。 this scene is “alpha/08-box scene no sphere” as @franz said

yes you are right. I see the appleseed scene file and rebuild the rough scene by my own way ,and I can click the color correctly。

The cause of the crash is that for some reason this scene contains colors with RGB alpha values but these aren’t supported by appleseed. I made a number of fixes and those will be merged soon. They’ll be available in the next official release, due very soon.

So Cool and Fast.

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