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Equipment animation

I have a great order - the animation of the device and the work of various equipment.
After reading the orientation on animation in the description of Apple Seed, I want to implement the projects in this rendering.

Here is a project that is currently under construction:

Here the project is completed, but I need it for a portfolio, and I want it better than Cycles:

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Description appleseed is written - focused on animation.
What does it mean?

appleseed’s focus on animation/VFX translates to a number of features:

  • Flicker-free animations (no incoherent bias from one frame to the next)
  • Strong support for motion blur (transformation and deformation motion blur, support for many motion blur segments)
  • Physically-correct rendering by default but with many ways to speed up rendering by selectively enabling shortcuts that introduce bias (Max Ray Intensity, Clamp Roughness, Light Near Start, etc.)
  • Fully programmable shading via OSL
  • Many OSL nodes written by professional shader writers from the VFX/animation world, etc.
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Thanks for the answer!
Yes, flickering is something that once ruined my nerves. I want to experience Apple Seed in animation

did a little sequel.
this device is a valve. so there will be liquid.
Blender fluid is weak. I will dodge.

The level of such visualization is necessary for me in the video, which by means of Luxrender I do not have enough opportunities to calculate.

I already have a headache from an artifact when connecting a Bump.
Removed only by turning off Glossy in object properties

This time I did not manage to rise to the level of Luxrender.
Perhaps it did not work out better than in cycles.
I will not continue to work with this video. I will try to gradually finish it in Luxrender.

Frame time 7.5 minutes. Here it is interesting. In the cycles, this frame took about 10 minutes. But for Cycles, I have points on the Sheppit Farm …

Can you explain with a little more details what problem(s) you encountered with appleseed on this scene?

I could not light as beautifully as in Luxrender. For this you need 3 HDR cards at the same time.
I could not repeat the materials. Materials turned out badly, at the level of cycles. Even the glass in the manometer looks gray plastic.
I was ready to tinker yet. I was ready for some simplification of lighting and materials. But this omnipresent bug with bump infuriated me.
He climbs everywhere. In all scenes.
It is necessary to impose a bump on a glossy object - wait for problems.
And I was ready to solve this by turning off the gloss function in the object properties.
But the black spots after the work of the denoiser could not win.
And this was the last drop.
Just dropped my hands… Instead of working, I always struggle with problems.

Thanks for the feedback, it’s very helpful. Such bugs and limitations are part of why appleseed is still in beta and not considered stable or complete.

We’ll do our best to address the problems you mentioned. We’ll start by opening tickets in order to keep track of them. For this, some details from you will be very helpful, if you can afford some time to fill in the details.

For instance, can you elaborate on your multiple HDRI workflow? Are you assigning different HDRI maps to different objects?

Please formulate a clear and proper question when you quote from a user! Do not just the post the quote without any context. It makes it difficult for us to decipher what you want to know.

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