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Error while opening an Appleseed scene - Solved

Hi everyone,

yesterday i was working on a simple project to test out Appleseed but this morning when i wanted to open it i got this error message :

Failed to load the project file D:\CG\LIBRARY\SOFTWARES\AppleSeed\testScenes\Appleseed_to_maya_test\Appleseed_files\appleseed_to_maya_test09_porsche.0001.appleseed.
The project file may be invalid, corrupted or missing. Please look at the Log window for details.

And in the log i got this warnings and errors :

while reading D:\CG\LIBRARY\SOFTWARES\AppleSeed\testScenes\Appleseed_to_maya_test\Appleseed_files\appleseed_to_maya_test09_porsche.0001.appleseed: invalid byte ‘r’ at position 2 of a 3-byte sequence.

failed to load project file D:\CG\LIBRARY\SOFTWARES\AppleSeed\testScenes\Appleseed_to_maya_test\Appleseed_files\appleseed_to_maya_test09_porsche.0001.appleseed (1 error, 0 warning).

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Ans also i was wondering if it was possible to save the position of the camera in Appleseed ( like Bookmarks ) ? ( maybe by copying in a bloc notes the coordinates and rotations of the camera ?)

Btw Appleseed is really fun to use right know :slight_smile:
A little picture of the wip that is not working anymore ^^ :

Could you provide us with the scene in question? Either a zip of the whole thing, or just the .appleseed file.

Regarding saving the camera position: this isn’t possible yet in, but a workaround is indeed to copy/paste the <transform> block of the camera (which usually sits at the top of the .appleseed file) into a notepad.

Thank you for your help Franz.

Here is the zip file.

Thanks for the test scene.

It appears that the exporter you are using (mayaseed, I suspect) has a bug and fails to deal properly with non-ANSI characters such as accents, etc. For now, I would suggest sticking to ANSI characters when naming your entities.

In the meantime, here is a fixed version of the .appleseed file: (7.4 KB)

Thank you for your help, that’s odd usually a stick to ANSI characters while naming my objects in 3D scenes. Btw thank you for your help! :slight_smile: ( And happy X-mas/New year! )

Glad to help. Make sure to post your renders here :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Hey JayB,

I think that, with a little bit of work, your render would be a nice addition to the official appleseed gallery. Do you think you could make a nice clean render that we could add?