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Export appleseed XML file from Maya

Would be great to be able to export your Maya scene in Appleseed’s native XML file format (rather than rendering from Maya.)

This way, I can open up the scene in

And then modify the camera to the spherical one… or many other low-level changes.

Thanks, your work is very much appreciated.

Fluffication is epic, btw.


Makes complete sense. I think that export is already available, no? @est, do you confirm?

Thanks, your work is very much appreciated.


Fluffication is epic, btw.

Ahah, it’s a fun toy! Make sure to show us your results if you try it on your scenes :slight_smile:

“Export is already available?” …if so, I don’t see any evidence of that. Any more clues where it might be?


You can export appleseed projects from the File menu.
Choose Export All or Export Selected and select appleseed as the file format.


Thanks. Epic duhh.