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Exporting from Blender does not keep relative paths

Hi everyone, hopefully this is a user error, but I am trying to export from Blender at home to render with Appleseed at work. I am getting errors in Appleseed with bitmaps not being found.

The error log has the file structure I am using at home, but I can’t use the same file structure at work.

Is there a quick solution to this? Thanks.

Hi. Unfortunately Blender’s relative paths don’t work with appleseed as they are not the correct formatting (OS relative paths don’t use ‘//’). You can export the scene files in a compressed .appleseedz package and that can be transferred across computers. The option to do so is in the window where you set the location and name of the export (look on the left hand column).

We can look into a way of converting Blender’s relative paths into appleseed readable relative paths, but that will be a future improvement. The compressed export option can help you now.

Thanks for the heads up. Will give it a go