Exposure in 3ds Max plugin


Hi I’m new to appleseed, I have a question regarding exposure in 3dsmax/Appleseed ?
How do you control it ? I don’t see a EV slider, the Exposure setting in Environment and Effects has no effect. How does exposure work in Appleseed ?

version 3dsmax 0.5.0 Appleseed 1.9.0


Hi Atomicstar,
For environment maps (HDR) you can set the brightness level in the “Output” section of the “Max Bitmap” node panel via Output Amount (see screenshot).


So there is no exposure/tonemapping implement yet ?


I’m not an appleseed team member but @franz and @juancarlosgzrz certainly can give you more information about the status of implementing exposure control/ tonemapping/physical camera and related features in Max


According to @sergo: “The Output parameter in bitmap output rollout changes the exposure.”


Is this a design decision ? or will there be Exposure controls added at a later date ?
I find it far easier to adjust overall Exposure when you have multiply shots in the same scene.
So the exposure is going to be different if you are shooting inside compared to outside.
Also as disccused on Twitter it would be great to have tonemapping ACES or other options include the 3D app.


Maybe I wasn’t clear, but despite its name the Output parameter is an exposure control when using appleseed. We decided to plug exposure here for now; I know it’s not ideal but it was the quickest way to have exposure without building a specific UI. We’ll improve on that.

@sergo Can you confirm?


Thanks, I guess the same is with the physical sun ? using the luminence mulitplier ? I’d test it but I have a render going.


Not quite.

@sergo will hopefully correct me if I’m wrong:

When the user interface was built by us and is provided by the appleseed-max plugin (it’s the case for the appleseed Sky map), then exposure is called exposure.

Now, it turns out that the appleseed Sky doesn’t have any exposure control. I think it would make sense to add it.

When you see a parameter called “Something Multiplier”, it’s just a linear multiplier (while exposure is exponential). That’s the case of appleseed Sky's Luminance Multiplier: if set to e.g. 2, then sky’s luminance is multiplied by 2.


It’s correct, we don’t have exposure control in Sky map.

I also think that original question was about Exposure Control that max renderers usually have. It’s a combobox under Environment Map and it controls the brightness of whole image. And not only brightness but also tone mapping and stuff. So if this was the question then we don’t have it in appleseed. I’ll check if it is possible to support max’s existing Exposure Controls.


An alternative is to add exposure support directly into asmax camera.


Yes thats right Sergo, I think every modern day render has and overall exposure control and Tone Mapping. Blender recently add Filmic tone mapping which is excellent. I have been hearing great things about ACES but have never tried it.


I think we can make max’s standard exposure controls work with appleseed, including Also physical camera based exposure.