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Hello! I found Appleseed last week and since then I’ve been testing it. I liked a lot the engine, mainly caustics, that works fast as hell.

I’d like to know if some features are already supported:

  • Persistent Data: Cache geometry and textures to avoid reloads during render time. (Cycles has no proper support yet);
  • Displacement and adaptive subdivision;
  • Dispersion BSDF;
  • Principled Volume BSDF;
  • Principled Hair BSDF;
  • Motion Vector AOV
  • Open VDB support;
  • Bevel Shader,
  • Ao Shader,
  • Triplanar mapping

Thank you for the awesome work, btw!


Hi @thiagodesul,

welcome to our forum and thanks for the kind words!
I assume you used SPPM for your caustics render. It works well but is a bit tricky to set-up. You may have a look here for some guidance.

Now to the features you mentioned:

  • appleseed has efficient texture caching implemented. It can use tiled and mip-mapped textures (*.tx files) similar to Arnold or RenderMan. You can find in the System section a control to increase the cache size for larger textures ( 1024 MB is default)
  • Displacement & render time subdivision is not yet implemented.
  • Dispersion is an essential feature for a spectral renderer but also not yet implemented.
  • An OSL Volume shader for heterogeneous volumes is in code review, homogenous volumes are already supported.
  • An advanced hair shader has been recently added to appleseed but needs some more testing.
  • We have AOVs for Screen Space Velocity and World Space Velocity and very efficient motion blur
  • OpenVDB is not yet supported
  • Bevel Shader is not yet implemented
  • We have an Ambient Occlusion diagnostic shader override but not as an AOV
  • Triplanar mapping is implemented via the asTriplanar shader

We are a small team, working on appleseed on our limited free time, and are fully aware of the missing features. If you want to get insight into the development and upcoming features please join our Discord Server. There you will also find regular development builds with the newest features integrated and channels for questions and discussions related to appleseed and rendering in general.

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Thank you Mango3! You’ve been doing an awesome work!