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Figured it out, somewhat

Ha! I figured .studio out well enough to create a render. After reading the wiki pages I decided to try .studio again.

The biggest hurdles actually turned out to be understanding how to move the camera in the viewport and creating a material. I’m still fuzzy on many of the options for practically everything. In the end I managed to finish a scene and output an image.

The attached is a concept vehicle I created for a game project I’m working on called x-shift online. It was modeled in Silo3D. It was getting too late to create and tweak all the materials needed but this gave me a decent feel for how to use .studio now.

I would recommend using Blender, export your model from Silo3D, import it into Blender and setup the materials and light from there, launch the renderer. You’ll have more control there than doing it in .studio.

Nice car though

I’ll give it a shot. However, I have an allergic reaction every time I try to use Blender…

I think I’ll just wait until the 3ds max version is more capable…:smiley:

Yeah, I understand that, I hate Blender, but I use it. Somehow it’s interesting and it’s not at the same time.

You can start using the beta for 3ds max, setup materials and lights. It’s cool.