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Final render that needs some work

Hi all, so i just finished working on this image for a talk I was giving. So the talk has been and gone, but I really want to get this looking better and to get the render times down. I thought I would show you all the image and see what you could suggest. So here is the Appleseed render.

And here is the same scene rendered in cycles. There will be differences of course, like the displacement in the cycles render.

One of the big issues I noticed was this edging to the glass that is so prominant, that it looks like a render artifact. It took 18 hours to render on my laptop, which is a i5 Dell laptop. I am sure the processor is being throttled by the system, but it is long when the cycles render was 45 minutes on the GPU (sayingthat, I should test the cycles render on the cpu only for comparison).

Anyway, your thoughts are always appreciated.


Hi @fxgogo,

Thanks for the render comparison! From the images alone I cannot tell what is the issue with the darkened glass bottle edges and long render time. As before, if you can share the scene we could have a look on the settings. Cycles on gpu is for sure faster but not by that amount.

No probs, here is the scene file. Blender Scene File. I was unable to save an Appleseed scene file out of Blender. I am using 2.0.0 of Blenderseed.

HEre is a close up of the edging effects I was talking about.

If you look at the greyscale tests I did, the appleseed render has a faint fresnel effect on a plain grey shader. Not sure if that should be there or not, but it might be the reason for the edging effects with glass.

I tweaked a bit the settings of the glass material and render settings. Increasing the amount of Normal Map Scale to 0.25 in asBump and enabling Caustics seems to help (see screenshot).
Regarding long render times, I saw that you had both the Direct Light Samples and Environment Samples multiplier set to 10. That is much too high, default is 1.

Ok, thanks for that Mango3. Not sure if the glass looks better, but the Direct Light Samples and Environment Samples multiplier will be changed on my side. I have also just noticed a seam in the glass bottles. Got to fix that.