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Finished Project - Galoot

I’ve been meaning to post this here for some time; finally remembered today to do it. I’m kind of proud of this render because it was my first real investment in using appleseed via blenderseed for a character project. Curves weren’t supported at the time of the render, that’s why he’s hairless. I had implemented a method for exporting hair curves as geometry, but it was prohibitively time-consuming to export a fur system that dense.

Very nice! Can I add it to the official gallery?

Absolutely! It’d be an honor :blush:


I know this is a 3 old year thread, and sorry in advance for replying but, how would it look if you re-render this scene now? With the current blenderseed status?

I’m pretty sure the lighting/material setup would need to be redone since blenderseed has changed so much in the meantime, but that said the original render was extremely polished despite the limitations at the time!