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Forest scene (Blender)

Dear community.

At the moment I try to do forest landscape scenes (bird perspective) with Blender and Appleseed.

The forest scene relies on particles. In Blender, ‘Hair’ particles are used, with ‘render’ set to Object or Group.

Trying to render a particle based landscape, I get an error …

2019-04-18T08:13:56.654711Z <002> 1334 MB error | while binding inputs of “scene/assembly/Terrain/Tree.000_ass/Tree.000”: could not locate entity “Tree.001_mat”.

(A single tree outside particle system renders without problems. )
Not sure what is going on …

I would be glad about help.

Hey Leonard,
There’s something going wrong with the material translation. Can you either provide the .blend file or export the scene to .appleseed files so I can take a look?

Also, is this 2.79b or 2.8?

Hi Jonathan

You can have the blend file.

It is Blender 2.79b.

– Edit -
this blend file freezes rendering process, if I try to render.
I need to limit particles to a few ones.
Like set Particle Children to None, and Particle Emitter Count to 100.
If I do, error message from above appears.

There seems to be another problem. Transfer from Blender and Appleseed is slow, if scenes are complex. I tried to use Blenderseed on a different scene. Its a more simple scene, with few objects. But it uses subdivision surfaces. It is Blenderseed 1.0.0

On same Blenderseed version there is also a big performance gap on hair particles (rendered as objects, not hair) and other particles.

Blenderseed release is over half year old. It seems export was already cared (Git logs). It would be nice to know … how does file transfer perform currently on Blenderseed?

Correct, since blenderseed 1.0.0-beta a new C++ based mesh exporter had been implemented, greatly speeding up export times for larger scenes. The old one was purely based on Python.

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Thanks, Mango.
Thats good news. :slight_smile:

The next release will have the C++ exporter. Hair curves are not properly supported yet so this will still remain an issue I imagine.

Hi Jonathan.

To achieve large-scale forest in Blender without freeze any PC (bird perspective, with billions of polygons). Atm, Blender constraints us to use particles.

I look forward for hair support.

To get forest animable, I tried hair particles. But animated trees in the wind turn around their own axis, rock’n’roll.

Do you know how other 3D-apps could tame this data-monster mass, and keep everything animable?

Something like this can be done in 3ds Max with Forest Pack, an awesome plugin for parametric instancing.
Then, of course, there is Houdini:
or one uses Maya to create a (static) 620,000,000 Poly Forest in 10 Minutes:

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Hi Mango.

Thank you for the videos.

I try to understand video on forest pack.
Forest animation relies on a field of lattices …
Every lattice shares same cyclic animation, but they differ in time-position …
Every lattice deforms a tree, tree deforms controlled by deform weights

( Will try something, but it will take time. Happy creating )