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Fracture Modifier branch of Blender

I get a “Data Error” with 7-zip when trying to unzip the file. Can you post the MP4 itself please?

Yes, I’ll get it uploaded in a bit. The file needs to have the .blend stripped off of the end so it’s renamed as a *.zip file. That’s a trick to use to store *.zip files instead of blend files. (25.6 MB)

Okies, there’s the mp4 file zipped so it will upload.


I’ve been working with Scorpion81 on the next version of the SMPP demo with smaller shards from the glass. Wow, this is going to be a fun demo file to share.

The work is in progress with tests of other objects to work out the latest best practices workflow.

I should have a sample image by this weekend to share and the demo file and animation available next week. Destruction fans are going to love this demo file! I’ll keep you posted.
Fracture ON!

Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to freeze an object that has a Fracture Modifier on it. I tried making the rigid body ‘‘passive’’, but it would just disable the Fracture Modifier that was on it.

This is what I would like to achieve, at 0:27


this was done with the help of the “Fracture Helper” Addon. It is bundled with the FM build (in the zip file, but needs to be installed by hand). Or you can download a newer version from here

Then have a look at the screenshot here, the option you need is under “Timing”-> “Delayed Fracture”.
You just run the simulation until the frame you want to end the freezing and enter the frame number in the according field, and click “Set Start Frame”. If you had “Object moves” enabled, the object will move unfractured until the start frame and then will start to fall apart. That movement is being captured by keyframes and being re-applied to the fractured mesh via the addon.

The final result should look similar to this (a simple test blend only) : (1.5 MB)

Hope this helps,

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