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Furniture test - Worn wood material

Testing some worn wood material I’ve created on a model from

Cool! Is the texture procedural (SeExpr)?

No the wood and the worn-map are image textures . How could this be achieved with procedural? Speaking of which, woul it be possible tó create an ao shader which acts like vray-dirt or corona ao shader or octane dirt? It makes the creation of realistic textures much easier. Though there is the batchbake dirtmap creator addon (I used that for this image) but since appleseed supports only one uv map per textured mesh it’s the matter of luck how the image texture will be wrapped on the object using the addon’s generated uv map. By the way… Multiple uvs? I’m quite greedy am I? :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah multiple UVs are planned. They are already supported by the renderer, they just need to be exposed now.