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Hi guys,
I was playing with Gaffer and i have several questions:

  • How do you setup an object to emit in Gaffer I tried to use the surface emission shader but didn’t get any success.
    I want to create an area light … i’m using an hosek environment for the moment but I would like to try an are light to be maybe more efficient.
  • Switching to SPPM crash the interactive render I didn’t try the non interactive.


Thanks for trying Gaffer and appleseed!

To create area lights, you have to use the emission surface shader.
Here’s a sample gaffer script:

About SPPM, sorry, this is not well documented.
SPPM only works with the non-interactive render. You can use the passes
param in the AppleseedOptions node to set the number of SPPM refinement steps
(you can reduce the number of samples).

We’ll fix the crash.



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Thanks Esteban the area_light works.
No problem for the SPPM
Also there’s no way to load a .osl file that get compiled on the fly right ?


I don’t think there’s a way to use .osl files directly and get them compiled before rendering.

Gaffer’s mailing list:!forum/gaffer-dev is a good place to ask if it’s possible or if there are plans to implement it.


Thanks Estebàn I will.