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GI caching

Hi ,are there plans for appleseed to feature something similar to v-ray light cache or corona uhd cache to improve performance for interior type of scenes?

First, welcome to the forum @Laci_Lacko,

This is an issue of ongoing debate which I had argued for in the appleseed Discord messenger.
You are very welcome to join and contribute to the discussion

appleseed is an open source project and everyone can express their wishes and shape the direction the project develops.
The emphasis of development is on vfx features and suitability as a production renderer along the line of Arnold and the core developers have clearly prioritized this.
For interior and archviz scenes, while perfectly usable, there are features missing ( interactive denoiser, cached 2nd GI, architectural glass material, IES lights, bevel shader, cut/slice objects, …) to make it a real option to ditch Corona or Vray for professional projects. Some of these missing features will certainly be implemented and the more demand develops the more inclined will be someone to implement them.


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