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Glass is not rendered in Blender...[Solved]

Hi friends.
This is my first post here.
I have no idea why my glass material shadows are solid black. Any hints what I do wrong?

Thank you

Hi @Taros,

Welcome to our forum!

Sharp shadows in rendered images come usually from scenes which are only lit by point light sources, which of course, in reality do not exist.
If you have extended light sources (e.g. are lights or emitter objects with non-zero extension) your shadow area will be lighter and the shadow border will show a gradual transition.
The amount of indirect illumination (secondary light bounces from surrounding objects) also determines how the shadows look and is an important factor when rendering interior scenes.

OK. Thank you for the fast answer. You’re right.
I guess I’ve to experiment a bit more with appleseed.

But it seem to crash a lot. I’m using Blender 2.90.1.

Try this version, maybe it works better for you.
blenderseed-dev-Win64-2020_08_05 .zip

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Is this not the official download?

I’ve checked your download and am using v.2.0.0 already.

The download is a developer version which is newer than the official release version on our website.
We provide them on our appleseed discord.

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