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GPU support?

I think the result of appleseed is good, but I am really unbearable of the slow speed for getting wonderful result(Of course this is related to my poor computer, but I think any cpu global illumination soft ware is slow, incluing pbrt, mitsuba or any other).
So I look for real-time path trace methods, and really find some cool methods to speed up path tracing rendering using GPU:

  1. RTX or DXR, this is related to nvidia card or directx 12, and since appleseed is cross-platform, this is not a suitable methods.

  2. OpenGL or OpenCL. These are good solutions for appleseed I think. They are cross-platform and powerful. I have seen some successful implementions using OpenGL and they are really fast compared to CPU. I think they use fragment shader to relasize the implementation. Besides, someone says using compute shader of OpenGL is better. Anyway, using opengl is a good solution.

So, do you plan to use GPU to sppedup the global illumation of appleseed? I think this is a perfect and attractive advantage for appleseed

Hi and thanks for asking.

Indeed, we do.
We have a very basic gpu pathtracer prototype named appleseedX which is based on the NVIDIA-OptiX ray-tracing pipeline. Also we started adding basic gpu infrastructure code to appleseed. In the future more and more code will be added and existing code refactored to be usable for both cpu and gpu.
Just to manage expectations. It will be quite some time until we will be able to show a version suitable for end-user.

Perfect´╝üI have also seen some engines based on optix such as :slight_smile:

Maybe you can get some useful information from this. Looking forward for the new feature